Your Roll-in Ready To Go DMS Solution

Docukit Prime is a plug-and-play DMS appliance tailored for SMEs and enterprises who seek to implement a “Ready to Operate” DMS solution.

It comes with:

  • Small form-factor server
  • Storage
  • DMS Software

DMS and Back-Up Flexibility in One Appliance

Docukit Ultima provides the main features of Docukit DMS with flexible back-up options and facilities. It comes with 2 SSD and 6 HDD slots to customize your back-up storage capacity and lets you execute different back-up types: full, incremental, real-time or external back-up.

DMS for an Enterprise- Grade Implementation

Docukit Enterprise is a DMS software that can be deployed in your local server for a company wide DMS implementation. It showcases a more intensive features and capacity than the Docukit DMS appliance.

Your Software-as- a-Service DMS

Docukit Cloud provides digital archiving Software-as-a- Service (SaaS). DMS is deployed in the cloud for organizations who would like to reap the benefits of a cloud implementation for their DMS deployment.